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Born of the sea. Growing up in the small town of Newport, Rhode Island - Dylan Currier adopted a profound appreciation for the cold, green waters of New England. This transformation shaped his new life, as he set out for the Big Island of Oahu to live full time as a waterman. From there, Dylan pushed the limits of freediving, by becoming the youngest advanced freedive instructor in the world, training people through young eyes, with an old soul. The dangers of single breath freediving are constantly looming, and the limits are steady pushed. Dylan's life story is forever evolving, and we're excited to be a part of documenting that journey.

Director: John Harrington

Director of Photography: John Harrington

Producer: Dylan Currier


This proof of concept is a constant work in progress. The goal is to connect people with Dylans life story, which is forever changing. Dylan lives a life of adventure, seeking new challenges and adventures, with no plans to stop. This mini-doc will hopefully act as a pilot for a multi-part series, covering unique and passionate individuals in the world of the outdoors.


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