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Starting as a hobby, overloading has opened many doors for our production. It's allowed for us to go deeper, to untouched locations across the country. As you can see above, we have built out our rig to survive and work long term, in some of the most remote locations in America. We've had the pleasure of creating content for companies including AEV, Taxa Outdoors, Super Pacific, Go Fast Campers, Front Runner, RIG'd Supply, Truck Vault, and many more. We're excited for the future, and strive to become one of the leading production companies in the overloading community. We know how much time goes into creating tried and true products, and we are proud to provide cinema quality storytelling for brands that hold the highest of standards.



Since 1997 American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) has become the world’s premier supplier of OE-quality, performance-driven aftermarket parts and accessories for vehicles geared specifically to off-road recreational driving and overland adventure travel. 

Our assignment entailed producing a company highlight that showcases AEV's rich history, highlighting its exceptional accomplishments in the offroad world, from its inception to the remarkable success it has gained since the 1990s.

CLIENT - American Expedition Vehicles

DIRECTOR - John Harrington

PRODUCER - Forrest Galante

EDITOR - Jesse Colaizzi

LOCATION -  Detroit, MI


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TAXA Outdoors was founded by Garrett Finney, an architect and former designer at NASA. Drawing inspiration from his experience working on habitats for space exploration, Finney sought to create mobile living spaces that would be functional, durable, and adaptable to different environments.

We had the honor of being commissioned by Taxa Outdoors to capture and showcase their remarkable company story through a captivating commercial. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of Taxa's history and values, we embarked on this project to bring their narrative to life on screen. Our team worked closely with Taxa Outdoors to ensure that every aspect of their journey, from the founder's background as a former NASA designer to the development of their innovative off-road trailers, was beautifully portrayed.

CLIENT - TAXA Outdoors

DIRECTOR - John Harrington

PRODUCER - Forrest Galante

EDITOR - Jesse Colaizzi

LOCATION -  Houston, TX.




As seen on our "Projects" page, we've been involved on a number of projects with Go Fast Campers. They're one of the largest, and most successful off-road brands in the industry, with a lightweight pop up camper and shell for trucks and SUV's.

Prior to our film for GFC "South of the Blowhole", we were commissioned to highlight two of their new products at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ. These ads were shot and directed with the companies overall identity in mind - fun and informative. It's always a pleasure working with brands that go off on a limb and keep things new and exciting, and our goal was to match their teams excitement with ads that would fit their brand and of course, sell products. 

CLIENT - Go Fast Campers

DIRECTOR - John Harrington

PRODUCER - Graeme MacPherson

EDITOR - John Harrington, Alex Howard

LOCATION -  Flagstaff, AZ.



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Our very first collaboration in the world of overlanding, and what a pleasure it has been from the jump. Super Pacific makes a lightweight wedge-style camper, designed to hit the road with ease and speed. The initial goal for the project was to film a walkthrough of the camper, highlighting it's design from top to bottom - to live on their website and YouTube page. We have also curated a catalogue of branded content spanning across the country, to be displayed on social platforms. 

CLIENT - Super Pacific Campers

DIRECTOR - John Harrington

PRODUCER - Josh Anderson

EDITOR - John Harrington

LOCATION -  Portland, OR.


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When we reached out to Truck Vault, the goal of this ongoing project was very straight forward... DIVERSITY. Their product is a highly secure, sturdy drawer system which can be used for number of applications, and we wanted to show their customers how convenient of a product it is. Being able to quickly reorganize the drawers to suit everything from cookware, fishing tackle, recovery gear, and film equipment.  

CLIENT - Truck Vault

DIRECTOR - John Harrington

EDITOR -  John Harrington

LOCATION -  Montana, Idaho, Colorado, San Diego


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