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In 2018 our crew traveled to the remote village of Bogale, Myanmar for a History Channel shoot. We were to document and investigate a string of deadly crocodile attacks on the local communities in the area, dating back to WWII. Aside from the main objective of the mission, the crew came home with a great admiration to the resilience of the Myanmar people, dealing with government corruption, famine, and poverty. The images seen in this short piece will remind you of how beautiful the human spirit is, even when living a simple and challenging life without the bare necessities we as Americans sometimes take for granted.

Production: History Channel

Cinematography: John Harrington

Executive Producer: Forrest Galante


The goal for this piece was to show the beauty of this community of humans, in a world very far, and different than ours. The beauty, the struggle, and the environment in which they know nothing else.


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