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"Blundstone boots are a loyal companion to the experiences of life. From woods, to office to dinner without missing a step. The more you wear them, the more they become a part of you. Meet fascinating individuals from various walks of life who all share one thing in common – they live in their Blundstones. Hear their stories and see how they #LiveInMyBlundstones.​" - Blundstone USA


We are going on 5 years of producing content for Blundstone USA. LIMB (Live In My Blundstones), is a series highlighting unique individuals who embody the Blundstone lifestyle. We were asked to take our storytelling experience in the documentary world, and create mini-highlights on these talented individuals. From concept to curation, these highlights were produced, shot, and edited by our team at 1Z Media.  

Shot On: RED Helium, Canon C200, Canon 1DxMkii, Sony A7Siii, DJI Mavic 3, 2 Pro.

Producer: Blundstone USA

Director: John Harrington

Director of Photography: John Harrington, Alex Howard

Drone Cinematography: John Harrington, Casey Harrington, Alex Howard

Editors: John Harrington, Tyler Redes

Colorist: Tyler Redes, David Doc

Photography: Alex Howard


"Selema Masekela broke down barriers in the pursuit of his passion, creating a career in the action sports world. He is a vital leader in the Black surf movement, an Emmy nominated producer, hosted ESPN's X Games for 13 years, hosted NBC's Red Bull Signature Series and so much more.

His journey began when his family suddenly moved to Southern California. In 1988, he caught his first wave at Cherry Street, Carlsbad. That wave changed his life. At the time, there wasn't anyone that looked like him in the action sports industry.


During his career, Selema Masekela discovered he was able to carry on his father's storytelling legacy while doing what he loved. Selema's father, Hugh Masekela was an internationally renowned South African jazz musician. He was also a singer, songwriter, and powerful political voice. Hugh incorporated political messaging in his music and performances about the apartheid regime. Selema was a child of the arts and hip-hop but fell in love with board sports when he moved to California. He ended up establishing a career in action sports through hosting on television. Selema has found various platforms to spread his story and his values, just like his father.


This led him to realize we're all racing towards the same stop sign no matter what team you're on; "it's over at a certain point. So what do you want that experience to be?" - Blundstone USA


"My name’s Mary MacGill and I’m a jewelry designer and shop owner.


Working with jewelry has been incredible and it’s been a journey to figure out both the metals and the stones and how to use your tools. And that has taken a really long time just to get comfortable and to get fluent in that language.


Block Island is pure magic. It really is unlike any other place that I’ve ever been, and it will always be my heart. I mean it literally takes your breath away when you come down the road.


The store is a place where I can kind of bring all of my inspiration in to one place so that people can feel, not only the experience of the jewelry but everything else that I am looking at, whether it be artists that I admire, or other clothing designers, it all helps to tell the story of how I feel and how I want people to feel, when they wear the jewelry.


The best part of my day is when I leave the studio with my dog, Ande-Belle and we hop in the truck, and we take a long walk. My work has always been deeply tied to the coastlines and the oceans, and the feelings that those bring about.


Block Island has big open fields with dried grasses and Goldenrod. It has got waves in September, tremendous waves, and when you walk out to the end of that trail and you look out over the Bluffs, and all you see is ocean, and it goes on forever."       - Blundstone USA.

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