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Having worked for a number of brands in the offroad industry, TAXA Outdoors has become one of our favorite clients to work with. Founded by ex-NASA architect Garrett Finney, their habitats are designed with space and functionality in mind, and have revolutionised the capabilities of offroad "trailers".


To date, we've produced two campaigns for TAXA - "Behind the Brand", a company highlight and "Southbound Cricket" taking wildlife biologist Forrest Galante's custom Cricket habitat south of the border for a remote Baja adventure.

Producer: Forrest Galante

Director: John Harrington

Director of Photography: John Harrington

Editors: Jesse Colaizzi, John Harrington

Junior Editor: Tommy Lombardi

We are excited to be collaborating with TAXA  on our remote film projects around the country. Their habitats serve as our "mobile production hubs", allowing us to reach locations traditional trailers cannot, and to work remotely for weeks at a time, in any environment.



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